Ask Swadloon


Sorry for the long absence, everybody.

Although since I have no asks, it’s not like I would have had much to post anyway. BUT I’M BACK if you want to ask anything.

Aug 2

Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?


Aug 2

Q: What is your favorite type of flower?

A: I like daisies.

Q: What other pokemon are in your trainer’s party?

A: She has others, but she always brings the four of us. (Pictured: Wiggler the palpitoad, Waddles the swadloon, Sizzle the darumaka, and Sparky the emolga).

Q: Hey Waddles, what kind of move set do you have?

A: Bug Bite, String Shot, Energy Ball, Protect

Q: What is your favorite berry?

A: Pecha berries are delicious!

Jul 9

Q: Where would you most like to visit on your planet?

A: I would like to visit the forests near Viridian City in Kanto.

Jul 9